About / Sobre mi 

Ángeles Peña is a  photographer from Argentina, based in Bariloche.

The intimacy of the relationships between photography as a documentary resource, and landscape as poetry, is what drives her to inquire and create.  Using images that deploy a strong discursive power, the artist seeks to transmit a growing concern for the effects of climate change and the consequences that it brings to the environment. 

Raised in Patagonia amid snowy forests, savage rivers and deep lakes had a profound impact on her photographic work,  that is centered in cultivating an inexhaustible admiration for natural landscapes. 

 Ángeles selects water out of the four elements as protagonist, since it’s here where she finds most evidence  of these vertiginous changes. “I don’t photograph a landscape, but all of what happens in it. The path, the road taken in its interior. I try to speak from within the landscape, not from a distance.”

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