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Ángeles Peña and Julieta Zancada are childhood friends.Ever since they were young girls, they have shared their love for Patagonia, the place that saw them grow up, and marvelled at their landscapes, skies,colours, flowers and fruits. Julieta’s days are split between her orchard and cookery.Ángeles always has a camera around her neck; her passion is to capture themagic of the South and the beauty of her friend’s creations.


Julieta Zancada & Angeles Peña 

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Words by Pepa Salamanco 

When we think of Patagonia, many of us envision massivelandscapes with never ending colour pallets. Skies and lakes that encompass theworld’s blues, turquoises and light blues; eternal roads surrounded by shadesof ochre, gold and green which, other than in Patagonia, can only be seen in storybooks or our childhood cartoons.

In the vastness of Patagonia, there is a little house.In that little house, there is a kitchen. In that kitchen, there are twofriends. One makes creams and crusts; the other takes pictures, steals cherriesand eats the crumbs from the tins. Unlike our envisioned landscape, this placeis small. There are butter fingerprints and flour everywhere and every inch offurniture, tables and counters is covered with jars, cans, pots, platters anddishes with slices of fruit, cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods.

Like jolly orchestra members, the saucepans releasechocolate steams; the oven opens up and lets out an apple and caramel heat;fingers dance in the air, pinching sugar and sprinkling a freshly made dessert;a drawer opens, a spoon comes out and a hand stirs a sauce while another gratesa lemon.

A kitchen is a place for meetings. Around its table,people who love each other reminisce about the past, make plans for the futureand discuss the present. The heat and the blended fragrances take us back to ourearly years of life, when sweetness and hugs took up all of our time.

Anything can happen in this kitchen. Dust off the snowand come in.

1st Edition of 1000 - June 2016

14cm x 19cm / 96 pages


Angeles Peña & Julieta Zancada

© Ediciones de la Montaña

Introduction by Mercedes Villalba 

Welcome to this book dear readers. Here you wont find intricateprocesses or measurements. With little more than a fork and some urge you areready to make this recipes, passed on from mouth to ear until Julieta finallydecided to bring them together, honoring the persons who inspired them — Ceci,Guadalupe, Tamara, Miguel Aylén or 'Mom', for instance. Julieta Zancada, abaker trained in the demanding kitchens of the hotels and mountain shelters ofBariloche, learned from them some of those baking tips that are so secretlykept in the trade. It was time to share all that collective wisdom and thisbook focuses on those recipes that Julieta treasures because they never fail.The kind of recipes that don't depend so much on measurements but processes,ingredients and, of course, moments. Because this book is actually about therecipes that go along the afternoon walks and the morning sun of Bariloche, theplace that saw their authors born. Ángeles Peña's photographies wont illustratethe dull step by step of baking a cake but the overwhelming variety of light,colors ans texture that make a day in Bariloche. The beauty of a freshly bakedcake or of a quince hanging from its branch, ignorant of its destiny as pastaflorafilling. The people and moments that make us want to seat down an appreciatethe world and eat as much of it as we can, with our eyes and mouths. All osthose things that make us want to bake in the first place.


1st Edition of 500 -2014

2nd Edition of 1000 -2015

14cm x 19cm / 96 pages

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